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Jennifer Wohletz

Mist Over Blue Ice - Photography

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Mist Over Blue Ice - photography by Jennifer Wohletz. Available in a variety of sizes and signed print styles, including a 40" x 26.6" matte metal print;  24" x 16" metal prints; 24" x 16" lustre fine art print; 24" x 16" lustre fine art print presented with double mats in blue jean linen and white and a dark wood frame with blue/grey and carmel wood accents make in Italy.


“Mist Over Blue Ice" depicts the beauty of the Straits of Mackinac on a frigid afternoon.  The red brick of Round Island Light exudes a sense of warmth and strength behind the mist over blue ice. Opened in 1895, Round Island Light serves as a beacon of safe passage to mariners and continues to stand strong in the face of Winter’s fury.

"Mist Over Blue Ice" won the 3rd Place Award in the 2018 Contemporary Exhibit at the Richard & Jane Manoogian Mackinac Island Museum, 3rd Place Award in the Village Fine Arts Association's 2018 Poetry Art Exhibit, and was featured in ArtPrize 10.  

About the Artist:

As an avid photographer, book designer and writer, Jennifer Wohletz approaches every subject as a story waiting to be written and told in pictures.  Her photography is inspired by the landscapes of Mackinac Island, Mich., where she spends part of the year.  Many images reveal surprising, fresh perspectives when human-made and natural elements merge in the island’s gardens, forests and surrounding waters.