Collection: Natalia Wohletz - Linoleum Block Prints

1. Draw.   2. Carve.  3. Print.
Those are the three steps Natalia takes to create contemporary linoleum block prints.  She draws each design horizontally reversed on a block, then carves out the negative space before printing each color.  While this medium naturally produces simplistic designs, Natalia enjoys working with texture and gradients to create the detailed realistic, painterly look featured in her designs.  Her art is inspired by nature and all things Mackinac Island, where she spent summers as a child.  Recent awards and exhibits include:  
Mackinac Island Contemporary Art Exhibit  
Richard & Jane Manoogian Mackinac Art Museum
2024 Finalist for Arch Rock's Shadow & Limestone Rock
2023 Honorable Mention Award for Cedar Trail
2021 Finalist for June at the Grand
2020 Honorable Mention Award for Arch Rock in Winter
2019 Best of Show Award for Trail Lookout 

Poetry Art Night Exhibit
Village Fine Arts Association, Milford, Mich.
2024 Honorable Mention Award to Cedar Beach
2023 Honorable Mention Award for Cedar Trail

Our Town Art Show
The Community House, Birmingham, Milford, Mich.
2024 Finalist for Cedar Trail and Cedar Beach
2022 Honorable Mention Award for Arch Rock’s Shadow

Michigan Supreme Court permanent collection, Lansing, Mich.

ArtPrize 10, Grand Rapids, Mich.
Natalia earned a BS in Mathematics with a minor in Studio Arts from Kalamazoo College.