Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about our gallery and custom picture framing? Find answers to the most common questions in our FAQ section.

I Want to Custom Frame...

How do I make a framing appointment?

Appointments are not necessary, but they are a great way to let us prepare for your consultation. Book your appointment here.

What do I need to bring to a framing consultation?

It is very important to bring the piece you want to frame. Sizes, colors and materials are very deceiving online or in a photo. We want to make sure we're designing quoting your piece accurately!

You might also consider bringing in paint or fabric swatches from the room you will hang the work. If you do not have those, take a photo on your cell phone to give us an idea of your style.

An open mind. We like to play with how different colored mats and frames accentuate your work. You might find you like something totally different than you expected. It's fun work, so get excited to come "play" with us!

How much will it cost?


Just kidding. Custom framing has a reputation for being expensive. We pride ourselves, however, in working within any budget.

Where do custom framing prices come from?

  • Materials: we use only quality materials, including our wood and metal frames, acid free mats, acid free backing materials, conservation mounting materials, etc. In order to offer a large variety of colors and styles, we order everything as needed. That's what makes it custom!
  • Professional labor: our framers are professionally trained and continuously learning state of the art ways to care for your artwork. You're in good hands!

Do you do shadowboxes? Can you frame jerseys? wedding dresses? coins? books? objects?

Absolutely! Just check out some examples of what we've done here.

Can you just cut a mat for me? Or mats in bulk?

Yes and yes! Give us a call with what you are looking for (248-684-1004).

Do you replace broken glass? / Do you cut custom glass?

We sure do! We offer three types of glass, all of which protect against 99.7% UV damage. Please bring the frame you intend to put the glass in. This way, we will make sure the glass fits perfectly.

Could you help me install my art?

Yes! We now art installation services at $80/hour. Please give us a call to set up an appointment (248-684-1004).

Can you print my photo or other digital image?

You bet! We can have your art printed on matte, luster or gloss fine art paper; metal; or canvas. Please email the digital file to or stop in to the shop for details.

Do you stretch canvases?

We offer canvas stretching through one of our frame suppliers. They cut and join stretcher bars specifically to fit your piece and then professionally stretch it.

Do you dry mount?

Yes! We can dry mount paper, canvas, puzzles and other items. Some dry mounting is done in house. The rest is dry mounted by the makers of conservation dry mount materials so your work is always in good hands!

I have a frame already. Can I still have you put my work in that frame?

Of course! Whether you buy your frame with us or you found it elsewhere or it's been in your family for generations, we will always do our best to help you fit your work into your favorite frame.

My Framed Art is Home, Now What?

How do I clean my acrylic/plexiglas?

We use Sprayway Plastics Cleaner and a microfiber cloth to clean acrylic in the shop.

How high should I hang my art?

The gallery standard for hanging art is for the piece's midpoint to reach 60 inches up from the floor. This puts it at eye line for most people.

How to calculate where to put your nail:

  • Measure the total height of your (including the frame). We will call this measurement 'a' for art.
  • Now, on the back of your frame, pull the wire up so it is taut and measure the distance from the top of the frame to the wire. We will call this measurement 'w' for wire.
  • We will call the height of your nail up the wall 'N' for nail.
  • Solve for N.
  • N = 60 + (a/2) - w

How do I design and hang a gallery wall?

There are so many ways you can design and hang a gallery wall, and it depends on your space and pieces! For inspiring gallery walls we have found, check out our Gallery Wall Ideas board on Pinterest.

We recommend measuring the space, drawing it out to scale (1" = 1' for instance) on a large piece of paper. Then you can cut pieces of paper that represent any furniture, fixtures and your art to scale. Move these around to get an idea of what you can create!

When you are ready to hang your work, cut pieces of paper to size of your art and tape them on your wall where you want them. Then, find where the nails need to go and hammer them in. This way you will have fewer holes to fill in when you move.

How do I clean my glass?

We recommend using Sprayway Glass Cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Spray the cleaner onto the cloth and then wipe onto the glass.

Services We Do Not Offer, Instead Try

Do you repair broken frames?

Unfortunately, repairing broken frames often reveals (or sometimes causes) more problems than it helps and we have discontinued this service.

However, a broken frame may mean it's time for an upgrade! We will gladly help you replace or find a brand new frame so your art can stay up on the wall where it belongs.

Do you clean or restore old art?

We have found that cleaning old artwork is best left to the professionals. Consider searching for an art restorer specializing in your type of art.

Do you appraise art? / How do I know if my art is valuable?

We can tell you if we like a piece, but for more than our subjective opinion, you'll want to take your piece to a consignment shop or auction house. We recommend DuMouchelles in Detroit.

Do you laminate art?

No, we never recommend laminating artwork. The process poses a risk to your artwork, is irreversible and will damage your art over time.

Will you package a framed piece for me and ship it?

If you are a client who purchased art or a framed piece with us and live out of town, we will absolutely ship that art. We work with UPS to package and ship with insurance coverage.

Unfortunately, Main Street Art is not big enough to stock the appropriate materials to safely pack and ship artwork for not produced by or purchased at the shop. Instead, we recommend that you work with UPS just as we do. It's easy and we have had great success with them.

Gallery Questions

I am an artist. How do I sell my art at Main Street Art?

We take pride in our curated collection of art by Michigan artists. To become one of our featured artists, please apply here.

I have valuable old art. Will you sell it for me?

Unfortunately, we do not have the space to sell artwork that is not created by our curated list of Michigan artists. Instead, we recommend you sell the art online, or at a consignment shop or auction house.

Do you have art classes?

Yes! We offer workshops every other month with our featured artists. Stay up to date on our offerings by joining our email list.

We also highly recommend taking classes at the SHAC (Suzanne Haskew Art Center). Many of our featured artists teach there.

Some of our artists also teach classes on their own: Megan Swoyer, Heiner Hertling, Cindy Rashid and Marshelia Williams.