35+ Years of Service

While we haven't been around quite as long as the photo above, Main Street Art has been a staple of Milford since before I (Natalia) was born. Main Street Art was already positively and artistically impacting the community for a couple decades by the time it fell like a shooting star onto my radar as a teen.

I'm passionate about carrying on this legacy so that teens decades from now find Main Street Art as inspiring as I did. Here's what makes Main Street Art so magical to me:

  • We Believe in Art

    Art brings immeasurable value it brings to our lives. It entertains, teaches, heals, amuses and inspires.

    We strive to offer the highest quality

    • art-focused custom picture framing
    • fine art and handmade gifts by professional artists and makers with Michigan roots
    • curated art supplies for every level

    If you are a professional Michigan artist or maker interested in becoming part of our network, please apply here.

  • We Believe in Community

    We proudly partner with the Village Fine Arts Association's Peacock Art Club for our biggest annual events to raise money for artists with special needs.

    We also frequently donate to

    • The Village Fine Arts Association
    • Mackinac Arts Council
    • Milford Independent Cinema
    • Community Sharing
    • Blessings in a Backpack
    • Five Points of Hope
    • + more.

    Plus, we consign and purchase product from over 50 Michigan artists and makers!

  • We Believe in Sustainability

    As a group of tree huggers, we do our best to use reduce, reuse and recycle. For instance, our shopping bags, tissue paper and jewelry boxes are all 100% recycled and recyclable material.

    We strive to avoid waste altogether by selling products that are sustainably sourced and built to last.

    We find new homes for what we cannot reuse. Much of our mat board scraps are donated to schools for students to use in their creative endeavors.