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Cellar Door Bath Supply Co.

Midnight Rider Bar Soap

Midnight Rider Bar Soap

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Midnight Rider Bar Soap

Smells Like:  bay rum. star anise. black vanilla. the air in your hair on a late night Harley ride down Route 66.

Use it For: coed showers. face wash. hand soap. being awesome. no, really. you... you're pretty awesome.


  1. olive oil
  2. water
  3. coconut oil
  4. sustainable palm oil
  5. sodium hydroxide (lye)
  6. castor oil
  7. shea butter
  8. fragrance
  9. bamboo charcoal
  10. mineral colorant

What makes Cellar Door so special?

All soaps are vegan, FD&C dye-free, phthalate & paragon free, lye free. Instead, what goes into them is a blend of 5 plant-based oils, mineral based pigments for color and essential oils for fragrance and therapeutic benefits.

Made in Plymouth, MI.

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