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Mary Bea McWatters

Fine Art Prints by Mary Bea McWatters

Fine Art Prints by Mary Bea McWatters

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12 x 16 in. fine art paper.  The images are sized to a 1/2 inch margin within the sheet. Depending on the proportions of the original painting, margin sizes will vary.  

Each print is bursting with color and energy, making it the perfect addition to any room in your home or office. These colorful and joyful works of art also make for great gifts for art lovers or anyone who wants to bring a touch of natural beauty into their lives. 

About the Artist:

Artist Mary Bea McWatters is known for her nature-inspired works that capture the vibrancy and joy of sunsets, flowers, trees, waves, and landscapes.  In 2006, she received a BFA in Art and Design from Northern Michigan University in Marquette. After graduation, Mary Bea helped start a landscaping business on Mackinac Island, where she created beauty within gardens for eight years. Working every summer surrounded by flowers, bikes, and the waters of Northern Michigan, Mary Bea further developed a deep love for painting the natural world.

Currently Mary Bea is a full time artist living in her home town of Petoskey. You can usually find her creating in her studio on the Bear River, riding her bike toward the breathtaking Northern Michigan sunsets, or exploring nature with a paintbrush or camera in hand.Her work as an artist seeks to become part of the beauty that surrounds us, the beauty that is within us, and the beauty that enriches our lives. 


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