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Barbara Weisenburg

Milford Nights - fine art print

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Milford Nights, a fine art print of an acrylic painting by Barbara Weisenburg of Milford, Michigan. 


Featuring the quaint downtown of Milford, Mich., decked out for the holidays on a glowing winter evening.  Available matted in two standard sizes 7" x 5" (10" x 8" matted or framed) and 14" x 11" (20" x 16").

About the Artist:

Barbara Weisenburg attended Michigan State University as an art major and her studio, Blackberry Mountain, has been in operation since the 70’s.  Barb's work has won numerous awards and has been featured in a wide range of exhibitions including ArtPrize.  To her, creativity is reaction. "It can be my personal reaction to a moment of beauty, to expressing joy or pain, or sharing a story from my life. The inspiration is the INHALE, that gasp of 'Ah-hah' breath in a new discovery and my creation is the EXHALE, the outpouring of soul that results in new work," she explains.  She began her painting journey with acrylics and now enjoys diversity as an artist – experimenting with different media including watercolor and oil to stay motivated and fresh.