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Mackinac Memories

Luminous Landscapes Book

Luminous Landscapes Book

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Tour Mackinac Island, California & Beyond Through
the Art of Maeve Croghan, a Plein Air Oil Painter

by Maeve Croghan

Introduction by Sue Allen

Nonfiction, Coffee Table Book

ISBN: 978-0-9973847-9-6


9" x 7"

Product Details

104 pages, hard cover, dust jacket, four color photographs 

Designed in Michigan.  Printed in Canada.


Through her art,  Maeve Croghan strives to bring the viewer closer to nature, fostering a deeper understanding and respect of the natural world. Maeve’s luminous paintings are infused with a sense that the non-human beings in them have a life and a world of their own. Her dancing blue oaks, golden sunflowers, even the rocks, seem to contain breath and blood. From a small portraiture of a Kirtland’s Warbler to a large canvas of peachy white clouds rolling over the azure water of the Great Lakes or Pacific Ocean, Maeve’s paintings glow with a slow-burning intensity. A combination of technique, interpretation and a lifelong bond with the natural world are what sets her work apart.   

Like the French Impressionist masters, Maeve paints plein air, outside in the open air, to capture the changing forms of natural light and weather.  Then she works from memory in her studio to finish the painting, using recollections of the real-world view along with the spirits she imagines of her subjects. In the book's pages, you’ll explore some of Maeve’s favorite places, beginning with Mackinac Island and venturing on to California, Canada, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Mexico, France, Italy and Scotland.  May you also experience the awe, wonder and joy of nature of these amazing landscapes.

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