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Jessica Waterstradt

Summer Puddles - Fine Art Print

Summer Puddles - Fine Art Print

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Signed fine art print on archival watercolor paper.  The original watercolor painting by created by Jessica Waterstadt of Farmington, Mich., for the children's picture book, The Acorn & the Oak, written by the artist's mom, Rhonda Accardo.  


Available in two sizes: 8 x 10 in. and 16 x 20 in.  

About The Artist: 
From dreamy landscapes to engaging portraits to whimsical creatures, you don’t just see it, you feel it. Jessica’s work exudes a warmth, charm, and playfulness that draws the viewer in. Her years of experience both in and out of the studio have definitely left their mark on her art! A classically trained fine artist and illustrator, Jessica has never had a shortage of inspiration. Whether her own original work or a client project, she excels in capturing the vision and bringing it to life on the page.  When Jessica is not hard at play in her Southeast Michigan studio, she might be found pioneering the wilds, pouring into her passion for writing at a neighborhood coffee shop, or lovingly bantering with her husband Brandon.

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