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Gwen Frostic

Block Prints by Gwen Frostic

Block Prints by Gwen Frostic

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Nature inspired original black and white block print by Gwen Frostic. 

Hand carved and printed in Michigan.  6 1/4 x 9 1/4 in. Unsigned and unnumbered. 

About the Artist

“My aim is to bring you the wind in the trees or the very first violet of spring, a bit of serenity that exists in this world. I hope after reading or hearing the news at the end of the day you may feel that loveliness is still of this world. Man, must live with nature and cannot separate himself from it… he is an integral part of the whole,” – Gwen Frostic

Michigan born, Sara Gwendolyn Frostic (1906-2001), was one of America’s foremost nature inspired artists. Gwen was stricken with polio at an early age. She not only survived, she overcame the doctor’s prognosis that she would never walk, talk, or write again. As a single woman in her fifties, Gwen moved to the northern woods of Michigan to observe, study, research, and sketch her native woods in all their wondrous detail. After carefully carving serene, meditative designs of trees, flowers, and wildlife into linoleum blocks,  Gwen then used Heidleberg letter presses to bring her images alive on stationery. Known for her simple lines and delicate colors, this inspiring artist continued to produce new work well into her nineties. Because education played an importance in Gwen’s childhood, she left 13 million dollars to Western Michigan University for student’s continuing education.  Her legacy continues… beyond time. In 1978, Michigan Governor William Milliken proclaimed May 23rd as Gwen Frostic Day in Michigan, and in 1986 she was inducted into the Michigan Woman’s Hall of Fame.

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