Free Downloadable Coloring Pages

As artists, our go-to is delving deep into a creative outlet when life gets stressful.  Back in 2017, we developed a coloring book for artists of all ages featuring flower and Mackinac Island-inspired illustrations.  Pages from the book are featured below for your mindful coloring needs!

We want to see what you create!  Please post and tag us on social media or send in your finished coloring pages to

P.S. Can you find the turtle in each one?

Mackinac Bridge illustration

Mackinac Bridge

Color in the Mackinac Bridge! (illustration by Alek Cummings)

Lady's Slipper wildflower illustration

Lady's Slippers

Think spring with lady's slippers! (illustration by Natalia Wohletz)

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Bicycles Old & New

I want to ride my bicycle; I want to ride my bike! (illustration by Alek)

Arch Rock illustration

Arch Rock

Arch Rock, a hole-y landmark on Mackinac Island. (illustration by Amy Marlatt)

Columbine wildflower illustration


Another spring beauty: the columbine! (illustration by Natalia)

Round Island Lighthouse Illustration

Round Island Lighthouse

Round Island Light. (illustration by Alek)

Echinacea and bees illustration

Busy Garden Bees

Busy bees in the garden! (illustration by Natalia)

Mackinac Island carriage horse illustration

Carriage Horse

Giddy up! (illustration by Alek)

Sugar Loaf, Mackinac State Park, illustration

Sugar Loaf

The sun shines over Sugar Loaf on Mackinac Island. (illustration by Natalia)

Sailboat Race to Mackinac illustration

Race Finish Line

Sailors pass the finish line. (illustration by Alek)

Trillium wildflower illustration


Another blooming beauty: trillium! (illustration by Natalia)

Victorian cottage illustration

Victorian Cottage

Mackinac Island's historic cottages are architectural treasures. (illustration by Alek)

Geranium flower illustration

Geranium Buds

Geraniums are our favorite potted flowers. Red ones look stunning lining Grand Hotel's 660-foot porch in summer. (illustration by Natalia)

Saint Anne's Church illustration

East Bluff View

Happy Easter! The view of sailboats and Saint Anne Church's steeple from the East Bluff of Mackinac Island. (illustration by Alek)

Mackinac Island horses illustration

Carriage Tour Team

This team works together to give carriage passengers a tour of Mackinac Island. (illustration by Alek)

Fort Mackinac canon illustration

Fort Mackinac Canon

This canon sits silently overlooking the harbor from its perch at the West Gun Platform of Fort Mackinac, which was founded in 1780. (illustration by Alek)

Monarch butterfly illustration

Monarch Butterflies

Monarch caterpillars need milkweed to survive and the butterflies need nectar to thrive. (illustration by Natalia)

Native American sculpture with eagle, turtle & lion illustration

Be Calm

In the center of Mackinac Island's Peace Garden stands a bronze-cast sculpture, "Be Still," featuring a Native American spirit of peace standing on a turtle and flanked by an eagle and a lion.  (illustration by Alek)

Butterfly & bike illustration

Butterfly Rain

Three of our favorite things: a bike, monarchs and flowers. (illustration by Natalia)

Grand Hotel of Mackinac Island illustration

Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel – America's Summer Place. (illustration by Alek)

Little Stone Church, Mackinac Island, illustration

Little Stone Church

Little Stone Church was built in the 1800s. (illustration by Amy)

Fort Holmes, Mackinac Island, illustration

Fort Holmes

Visitors to Fort Holmes at the top of Mackinac Island are rewarded with a history lesson and panoramic views of the Straits and Mackinac Bridge. (illustration by Alek)

Ferry Boat, Mackinac Island, illustration

Mackinac Island Ferry

Two ferry services – Sheplers and Starline – transport passengers to Mackinac Island from Michigan's upper and lower peninsulas. (illustration by Alek)

 Tulips illustration


Tulips are a beautiful sign of spring. (illustration by Natalia)

 Tulips illustration

Michilimackinac Turtle

The Native Americans named Mackinac Island Michilimackinac, meaning "place of the great turtle," because it's towering bluffs resemble a large turtle rising out of the water.  (illustration by Natalia)

 Tulips illustration

Ferry Rooster Tail

Starline Ferries are known for their "rooster tail" of water.  (illustration by Amy)


Garden Gazebo

Many couples exchange wedding vows in the "Somewhere in Time" gazebo nestled in the woods by Fort Mackinac each year. Another enchanting gazebo is located near the shoreline at Mission Point Resort. (illustration by Natalia)

Monarch butterfly illustration

Butterfly Dance

Monarchs are magical. Caterpillars are cool. (illustration by Natalia)

Bike & sailboat illustration

Bike & Sailboats

It's fun to watch sailboats cruise by while parking my bike on the dock. (illustration by Alek)

Bike & sailboat illustration

Turtle & Butterflies

Along with fudge and horses, turtles and butterflies are popular on Mackinac island.  (illustration by Natalia)