Happy Holidays!! 🎄

We know it's only September, but we are already thinking about our favorite event of the year:
The Big Reveal!
We want this year to be spectacular so we are inviting 16+ artists (space permitted) to participate in creating a masterpiece for our Christmas window.

What's the Window Going to Be?

Shh! Not so loud! You know I can't tell you the full idea...plus a lot of it will be up to the artists. What I can tell you is that every artist will recieve a 16"x20" or 8"x10" piece of "base art" to work their magic on. No prior art experience is required.

Enter to Win + Give Back!

If you're an artist, you might be asking, "what's in it for me?" Helping crown Main Street Art the best Christmas window on Main St, of course! (JK, though we wouldn't be opposed to that 👑😍).

We are so exciting to offer you the chance to win a $100 Main Street Art gift card through the People's Choice Award contest! PLUS, while you're competing, you'll be raising money for our favorite art group, the Peacock Art Club 🦚❤️. Awesome!

The People's Choice Award Contest

This won't be your everyday popularity contest. We love supporting the Peacock Art Club (PAC) at the Suzanne Haskew Arts Center (SHAC), so we've found a way to make giving to them part of the fun!

After the Big Reveal, we will open up the contest to the community to vote on their favorite Christmas window masterpiece. The artist with the most votes at the end of the voting period will win the $100 Main Street Art gift card.

BUT here's the catch. Community members will be able to purchase more votes through donations ($1.00 = 1 vote) to the Peacock Art Club! Each piece of art will have an accompanying donation box for people to cast their "donation votes". At the end of the contest, the "donation votes" will be counted and 100% of the money will be donated directly to PAC to support student tuition and supplies.

Contest Details for the Artist:

(1) Submit your name, group affiliation and email below.

(2) Selection of artists will occur on a first come-first serve basis. Once all spaces are filled, artists will be added to a waitlist. Expect an email to your inbox with more info a few days after submission.

(3) Pickup of the base artwork will be available Tuesday, October 4 - Saturday, October 8. Any selected artist who does not pick up their base art during that time will have their spot given to the next person on the waitlist.

(4) Submissions of completed artwork must be returned to Main Street Art by Saturday, October 29.

(5) Artists are invited to a pre-party at Main Street Art the night of the Big Reveal (time TBD) for hors d'ourves, light refreshments and a first look at the windows.

(6) Voting for People's Choice Award for the best Christmas window art will take place from the Big Reveal through December 30th.

(7) We will announce the People's Choice Award winner on New Year's Eve. The lucky winner will recieve a $100 gift card via email that day and can pick up a physical copy in store in the new year!