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Frank James Fisher

Thank You for Flying... - Ceramic Sculpture

Thank You for Flying... - Ceramic Sculpture

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Frank James Fisher's clay paper airplanes are recognizable icons covered in graphics and commentary.  Slab-Built Paper Clay, Cone 5 Oxidation fired2.0 h x 5.25w x 8.5d inches

 About the Artist:

Frank James Fisher's ceramic art has become intertwined with his career in adverting and marketing. For 35+ years, he made his living in the advertising industry.  Fine art and advertising rarely mix in a gallery so he converted his advertising aesthetics into a ceramic form of art.  His art is different than traditional pottery, to say the least, but for him it is a comfortable form of expression. All of his graphic design 'tools of the trade' are in play and funneled into the clay medium. Illustration, photography, typefaces, headlines, body copy, tag lines, color, layout, and package design. It's all in there - building a narrative and making a pop culture impact.  Frank earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Central Michigan University.

A few of his recent solo exhibitions include: 

  • University of Michigan, Michigan Medicine, GOA, Flights of American Life: Ceramic Planes, December 13, 2021 - March 4, 2022. 
  • Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, Birmingham, Michigan, Frank James Fisher: Pop Artifacts, March 12 - April 22, 2021.
  • Pewabic Pottery, Detroit, Michigan, On the Rocks, January 19 - February 25, 2018

Artist Statement:

"My ceramic artwork is a commentary on the true content of our daily lives and what we feel is important. My clay objects depict the range of mass communication our society produces. Headlines, promotional copy, logos, branding, and graphic design have all found a second voice in my personal art. The artwork borrows the language and advertising images of American culture and manipulates the content into a deeper narrative about life.

"To create these works, I have both created and accumulated a library of printing plates to mark the clay with impressions. The graphics of newspapers, promotional flyers, ads and logos cover the clay surface like wallpaper. This marriage of a two-dimensional message applied to a three-dimensional space is the foundation for my creativity. Surreal and random associations between images like Coca-cola, handguns, product instructions, and newspaper headlines direct the viewer through a personal journey of picture associations," – Frank James Fisher

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