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Two Women by the Shore, Mediterranean, Cross Quilled Greeting Card

Two Women by the Shore, Mediterranean, Cross Quilled Greeting Card

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This magnificent card reimagines a famous work of art by rolling, coiling and shaping small strips of paper to create a cohesive three-dimensional design.  The artisans artfully transform paint strokes into paper strips using the ancient art of quilling.  Historians have been able to date the art form back to Ancient Egyptian times where crafters would use a bird's feather (quill) as the tool to coil the paper upon.  

Size: 5.5" x 7"
Envelope Color: Magenta

Product Details:

Handmade in Vietnam. Blank inside. Color envelope.  Extra postage required.   


Two Women by the Shore, Mediterranean was created by French artist Henri Edmond Cross in 1896. The painting demonstrates a technique similar to pointillism, which is a style of painting made up of many individual dots. Cross' work however uses a more colorful and varied application than traditional pointilism. Because of this, Cross is considered a neo-impressionist who strived to refine the techniques of impressionism.

About the Maker:

Quilling Cards is a Verified Fair Trade Federation Member.  

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