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Dorothea Sandra

The Power of Love Over Hate

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The Power of Love Over Hate Acrylic paint on canvas by Dorothea Sandra, 36" x 36" in.

"Loving and hating others are human choices. As I worked on this canvas, I kept choosing colors and images that overpowered negativity and reflected the power of love over hate." - Dorothea

 This painting was created using Evidence-based Design research. Multiple credible studies now show connections between certain types of art and positive health outcomes.

About the Artist

Dorothea Sandra was born and raised near the ocean in New England, however, once she traveled to the Great Lakes she fell in love with the fresh water and long views. Now residing in Northern Michigan, she considers herself to be a "Great Lakes Artist".  Using techniques she learned while earning a certification in evidence-based design, Dorothea creates designs/paintings on canvas for the health, healing, and happiness of others.  Her work aims to depict the beauty of the Great Lakes while inspiring and spreading joy.