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Erica Kane Fink

Tapestry Necklace #3

Tapestry Necklace #3

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A one-of-a-kind necklace made with lots of tiny Japanese glass beads and time by Erica Kane Fink.

- beads are woven with sturdy nylon beading thread in an intricate and electric pattern

- necklace measures 15.75” long and 1” wide

- light weight and easy to wear

~ turns every outfit into a work of art ~


About the Artist:


Erica Kane Fink is a Michigan-based artist and designer whose work is recognized for its bold use of color and patterns, and deep commitment to exploration, spontaneity, and joy. Her brand explores a wide range of media including ceramics, glass beads, paint, fiber, and mixed-media objects. She offers products including fine art, accessories, and apparel. Fink believes in the healing power of all things handmade. Her work is sold and exhibited worldwide.

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