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Kathy Sandberg

Snowflake Ornament – pottery

Snowflake Ornament – pottery

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Snowflake Ornament by artist Kathy Sandberg of Plymouth, Mich.  . 

About the artist:

While oil painting and sculpture were Kathy Sandberg's primary forms of artistic expression for many years, pottery as an art form was added to her artistic palette 45 years ago, and has been her passion ever since.  

She produces functional and creative pottery at her Plymouth, Mich., studio and at the Village Potter's Guild.  Kathy is one of the founding members of the 25 year-old Guild, where she has taught several years of adult classes. 
She has also taught a pottery mentorship program at the Plymouth Community Art Council for middle and high school students.
"Teaching brings out a new dimension in pottery for me. The joy of watching and guiding students when they are creating something they are proud of is truly illuminating"
Her current expressions in clay are the result of years of study and experimentation.  She feels that all aspects of pottery have their intrigue, from the formation and the altering of shape, to the combination of textures and colors.
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