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Steph Joy Hogan

She Told Nora - acrylic mixed media

She Told Nora - acrylic mixed media

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She Told Nora - by Michigan artist Steph Joy Hogan.

Original: 5" x 7" Acrylic , ink, paper ephemera, pastel, charcoal, and graphite

Fine Art Giclee on Heavy Bond Paper. Numbered Limited Edition of 250. 8" x 12"

About the artist:

From tiny details to broad and frenetic brush strokes, Steph Joy Hogan revels in bold color statements, unknown worlds, and the absurd and delightful all around us. She draws inspiration from artists who have influenced her as long as she can remember, including Dr. Seuss, Mary Blair, and Jim Henson, but her primary inspiration is the joyfully unbridled imaginations of children. Working primarily with acrylic paint, inks, and paper ephemera, she intuitively create semi-abstract paintings, often including illustrative details inspired by the colors and shapes developed through layers and layers of experimentation.

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