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Jill Dunn

Earrings - Silver w/ Deep Blue Beads

Earrings - Silver w/ Deep Blue Beads

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Petite round argentium silver earrings with texture and accented with deep blue beads and patina

About the Artist:

Jill Dunn uses a variety of metals and alloys that display themselves in the richness of her work. Jill’s settings, bezels and bales are hand crafted. Etchings, fusing and texturing flows from her hands and not a machine from some foreign workshop. Gemstones are selected by the artist all over the world. From the Czech Republic and Poland to the American Southwest, the artist pours over the best of gemstones to find just the right mix of color and style. Patinas are created using environmentally friendly household materials. When possible, Jill uses re-purposed materials.

A Message From Jill Dunn

"I’ve always believed that success is a journey and not a destination. My jewelry work encompasses this philosophy. Jewelry design has allowed me to channel creativity and an interest in processes into a new and exciting direction.  Using silver, brass and copper as my base foundation, I enhance my jewelry by adding interesting etching, patina, stones and shapes. Each piece is its own journey and I reach the final destination without the benefit of a map. The voyage of artistic discovery begins with taking a shape or texture from nature, such as a leaf or cloud and then molding it into a piece of wearable art that is attractive, original and affordable."

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