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Kelly Ventura

Poppies Sketch – watercolor

Poppies Sketch – watercolor

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Poppies Sketch by Kelly Ventura, original watercolor painting on watercolor paper, 22 x 14.25 inch. 

About the Artist:

Kelly Ventura is a Michigan-based watercolor artist who brings her love of nature into the home with the expressive strokes of her paint brush. 

After college, Kelly moved to New York, then Connecticut as a studio assistant for boutique wallpaper and rug companies. It was here that Kelly discovered surface design and how to bring a sketch to life on a product. After five years designing product for a gift and home wholesaler, Kelly began building her namesake brand and a list of freelance clients.

Nature is a constant source of inspiration for Kelly; with its changing seasons, there is always a delightful surprise to capture. Color, texture, light, flowers and leaves are reoccurring themes in Kelly’s work, which she brings to life through her well-known gestural style. With natural motifs and earthy color schemes, the artist’s watercolor images translate beautifully to decor, fabrics and wallpapers for the home.

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