Mackinac Bridge from Below - photography

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Mackinac Bridge from Below by Jennifer Wohletz.  Photography on canvas mounted on black styrene. 10" x 15"

Description:  A view looking up at the South tower of the Mackinac Bridge from the water surface on a bright sunny day. The bridge is an iconic suspension bridge connecting Michigan's upper and lower peninsulas.

About the Artist:

Jennifer Wohletz believes there's something magical about Mackinac Island that makes her happy when she's there and yearn for it when she's away. The Island summer resident’s images focus on the wonder of nature and often reveal surprising, fresh perspectives when human-made and natural elements merge in Mackinac’s landscapes and gardens. For every print sold, Jennifer makes a donation to support the arts and environment on the Island.  Recent art exhibits, books and magazine features include:

Visions of Mackinac Island Contemporary Art Exhibition 2020 & 2018 Third Place Award, Jane & Richard Manoogian Mackinac Island Art Museum

ArtPrize 10 – 2018, Venue Tower Apartments, Grand Rapids

Books & Magazine Features: The Gardens of Mackinac Island, coffee table book;  TIMELESS, Inside Mackinac Island’s Historic Cottages, coffee table book;  MIMI the Monarch, children’s book;  and, BLUE Michigan magazine – Spring 2020, Winter 2019