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Abigail Powers

Lunch Box Love Notes

Lunch Box Love Notes

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These adorable cards will bring a smile to any child's face! Kids (and grown ups for that matter) love notes in their lunch boxes. This set of 25 cards is very unique and really adds so much fun to their day! Each card has a white box, in the box someone writes a note and then puts a scratch off sticker over the note. Come lunchtime your son or daughter will have such a good time using the included bingo chip to scratch off the sticker and read your personal note.  Featuring artwork by Michigan artist Abigail Powers.


This card set comes with five different designs (5 of each). They are 3 inches x 4 inches and printed on 100 lb. paper. This pack also comes with 25 scratch off stickers that you put over your own handwritten note. Any child will be happy to receive a cute note in their lunch but trust me when I say the scratch off takes it to a whole other level. Kids LOVE these!!

- Write your own message
- scratch off stickers provided
- 5 different designs x 5 of each
- 2 bingo chips provided in bag


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