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joe cilluffo

Joe Cilluffo Matted Prints 11x14

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8x10 Prints in 11x14 Mat


Many of Cilluffo's fine art works combine photography, ink, watercolor, acrylics, pastels, colored pencil, and digital imaging. The nature of each medium maximizes the unique visual and textural qualities of his subjects. He is known for painting Michigan’s historic subjects, including lighthouses and Mackinac Island scenes. His realistic renderings and his impressionistic interpretations capture the experiential essence of his favorite vacation spots. His most recent work is far more interpretive and abstractly executed with bold brushstrokes, splashes, flinging, spattering and squirting paint while integrating paper, canvas and plastic substrates. Joe’s work continues to win the awards in the USA and abroad.    

 Joe also enjoys creating book and magazine covers. He is published in Africa, Asia, Central America and the USA.  Pottery is another of his interests. He employs the earthy and historical methods of Raku firing.


As a toddler, Joe played with the boxes not the toys. As a youngster, he melted his crayons instead of "coloring in the lines."  At age fourteen, he incurred several broken bones and a concussion from a bicycle accident. While recovering, his God-given talents were discovered as he began oil painting.  One-man shows and art sales filled his high school and college years.  

Joe studied at Wayne State University and graduated with an outstanding portfolio, a Bachelors, and Masters degrees.  His Ph.D. thesis, entitled “Empowered Teachers,” is in its second edition, along with his second book, “Prayer – Walking & Talking With God.”  His third publication, “God & Graphics,” is an online course about God’s visual language, the use of technology and the creative process.

Joe has taught Kindergarten through university seniors, senior citizens, and prison inmates.  He especially enjoys short-term mission trips with his high schoolers. He has been an administrator of Home-Educators and is currently a Bible teacher and Digital Media teacher at Oakland Christian School, and ministers in five local churches on weekends.