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Marshelia Williams

Giraffe with Purple Glasses - Alcohol Ink

Giraffe with Purple Glasses - Alcohol Ink

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Alcohol ink on Yupo paper mounted to a deep wood panel covered in resin. Inspired by joy, in hopes to bring others joy and a smile.  4 x 4 in.

About the Artist:

Michigan artist Marshelia Williams is a bold colorist.  She uses the language of color to translate emotion and movement. Faith, emotion, the exploration of color and movement inspire Marshelia's mixed media art created with inks, fluid acrylics and textured paper.  She draws inspiration from artists like Pollock, Kandinsky and William T. Williams and creates abstractly, depicting life's constant changes. 

Expressive, bold, colorful with a type of hypnotic movement describes her art.  "I explore the relationships between various color harmonies and surface textures.  This also provides me with the means to experiment with the range of possibilities allowed through her choice of materials. My mixed media art is created quickly and intuitively adding layer upon layer reacting to every stroke, as if the canvas is speaking to me." 


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