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To My Estella. 8 x 10 in.  Original multi-color linoleum block print by Michigan artist Natalia Wohletz of Peninsula Prints.  Limited edition print run of 5.


This sailing art print was inspired by a sailboat gliding through the Great Lakes on a calm day. Natalia had the privilege of participating in the maiden voyage of this wooden sailboat handcrafted on Mackinac Island, Michigan

While the original print run is sold, the print design is still available as a card perfect for framing and/or sending. Cards may be customized with a personal message inside for invitations, thank you notes and more.

About the Artist:

Draw. Carve. Print.  Those are the three steps Michigan artist Natalia Wohletz takes to create linoleum block prints. After carving her first block in fall 2014, printmaking immediately became her passion.  She enjoys exploring printmaking’s place on the border between art and craft, and the challenge of flipping traditional positive-negative space techniques when creating her work.

Natalia is inspired by Michigan's natural landscapes and wildlife.  Many of her designs showcase scenes of Mackinac Island where she spent her childhood exploring the woods and lakeshore.  Natalia's prints have been featured in ArtPrize and juried gallery exhibitions throughout Michigan.  The artist's print, Trail Lookout, won first prize in the 2019 Contemporary Art Exhibition at the Richard and Jane Manoogian Mackinac Island Art MuseumFor every card and original print sold, Natalia makes a donation to the Mackinac Island Community Foundation to support the arts and environmental initiatives.