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TIMELESS - Inside Mackinac Island's Historic Cottages

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TIMELESS offers an inside peek at the private historic cottages people cherish on Mackinac Island.  With more than 300 photographs, the 9” x 9”, 272-page, hard-cover coffee table book takes readers on a tour of 33 of these architectural treasures – providing inspiration for creating inviting, relaxing spaces in homes new and old. (ISBN: 9780989933865) 


TIMELESS is an informative and visually stunning book that serves as a time capsule of the historic cottages of Mackinac Island, providing a glimpse of how they have been preserved more than a century after they were built.  The book’s photographs capture the unique interiors of these cottages, which reflect the magnificent nature of Victorian architecture and Mackinac Island.” – Rick Neumann, architect, a Michigan Historic Preservation Network Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, and architectural reviewer for the Mackinac Island Planning Commission and the Historic District Commission.  


About the Author:

Moira Blodgett Croghan, of Mackinac Island and Richmond, Va., shares insight about the homes based on interviews with the cottage owners and her personal experience spending summers on Mackinac throughout her youth.  “The historic cottages move me profoundly because my family has deep roots on the island,” says Croghan.  “My great-grandparents Delos and Daisy Blodgett were among the first West Bluff cottagers. They owned Casa Verano.  My grandparents and parents continued the tradition with homes nearby on the West Bluff.”  

About the Photographer:

Mark Bearss, of Mackinac Island and Petoskey, Mich., developed a deep affection for Mackinac while working as a porter during college breaks and returned after retiring from a 32-year career practicing law in Minneapolis.