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Janice A. Copperstone

Chrysocolla Bead Bracelets

Chrysocolla Bead Bracelets

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The Gemstone of the Earth collection of bracelets by Janice A. Copperstone of Milford, Mich., feature a bead, bronze or verdigris charm w/ chrysocolla beads, which are found in copper mines in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  Chrysocolla stones symbolize peace, forgiveness, wisdom and strength.

Each bracelet is handmade so each finished piece may differ slightly from the pictures.  Approximately 7 in., but sizes vary.

About the artist:

Elements of nature are the inspiration for Janice's art.  The Michigan artist studied in England and is known for her unique mixed media artwork and jewelry.  She enjoys collecting stones, shells and beach glass along the shore of the Great Lakes and Gulf Coast of Florida where she lived for several years.

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