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Barbara Weisenburg

Center Street Gazebo Miniature Acrylic Painting

Center Street Gazebo Miniature Acrylic Painting

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Acrylic painting on canvas by Barbara Weisenburg of Milford, Michigan.  4 x 4 in.  Comes with a small wooden easel for display.

About the Artist:

Barb started her painting journey with acrylics and oils, changed to watercolor when her children were young, and recently has been working with acrylics and oil again. She earned a bachelor of Fine Arts at Michigan State University.  She enjoys diversity as an artist and likes to experiment with different media to stay excited and fresh. She also enjoys teaching art to all ages and feels that teaching is an inspiration to her artwork as well.  Her motto is, "Art is hard work and I work hard at it."

She is a member of several professional art organizations, including the International Society of Experimental Artists, Michigan Art Education Association, Michigan Watercolor Society, Village Fine Arts Association and Huron Valley Council for the Arts, and has operated her studio, Blackberry Mountain, since the ’70s in various locations. She had a studio in the wilderness of the Upper Peninsula for many years which inspired her love for landscapes and Plein air painting.  Blackberry Mountain is now located on the third floor of her home in Milford, Mich., which is indeed on a Milford Mountain, next to the site where the Native Americans had their summer gardens many years ago. 

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