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Denise Cassidy Wood

Cosmetic Pouch

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These small pouches come with a tab and caribiner clip so you can attach them easily to your handbag or backpack. You can also easily make them into a clutch bag by adding a wrist strap.  All materials are durable, non-toxic, non-fading, machine washable.

made from cotton/polyester blended canvas fabric
zippered closure for security
zippered hidden interior compartment
original painting inspiration printed on both sides
aluminum caribiner clip is included
Measures 5.5”T x 7.5”W.

About the artist:

Denise's paintings are inspired by the serenity of nature and energizing effect of colors. She says, “the smoothness of the petals against the highly textured pistil in her paintings demonstrate how multiple and often conflicting emotions can exist in a cohesive and beautiful way.”  She enjoys the versatility of acrylic paints and the opportunity it provides to integrate mixed media.  It is her mission to promote joy and healing with her artwork.  As part of the "Healing Arts” initiative, Denise’s work has been chosen for permanent installation at Henry Ford, University of Michigan and Beaumont Medical Centers throughout Michigan.