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Jennifer Wohletz

Jennifer Wohletz looks for the dichotomy between nature and manmade structures in her vivid photographs. Her images capture the natural beauty of Mackinac Island and the Straits of Mackinac.

Natalia Wohletz

Natalia Wohletz uses different lines and textures to create color gradations with a limited palette in her linoleum block print designs.

Lily Niederpruem

Lily attributes much of her creative inspirations to the adventures of her childhood growing up on Mackinac Island. Her work explores concepts of the spiritual, the natural, and moments of their interaction. 

Mimi McHale

Mimi McHale. 

Lynne Ellyn

Lynne Ellyn strives to capture the essence of the horse. Her photographs explore the glory and beauty of horses ranging from the wild horses of the western United States, to the working horses of the rodeo and race track, to classical performance horses and beloved companions. 

Steph Joy Hogan

Steph Joy Hogan "revels in bold color statements, unknown worlds, and the absurd and delightful all around us." Her mixed media pieces are inspired by the unbridled imaginations of children.

Barry Kluczyk

Barry Kluczyk's work has appeared on more than 50 magazine covers. He has owned more than 45 cars over the years and is always on the hunt for the next project. 

Alek Cummings

Alek Cummings of AC Creatives is a graphic designer dedicated to creative innovative, high quality design work. He is known for creating automotive designs for Youtubers such as Tanner Fox, TJ Hunt SmurfinWRX, and Dustin Williams.

Denise Cassidy Wood

Denise Cassidy Wood creates bold, vibrant flower paintings. She says, "The composition of my work represents the freedom that I seek. Like me, the flowers cannot be contained, boxed in or trapped. When my flowers 'fall' off of the canvas, I feel completely free." 

Mary Lou Peters

Mary Lou Peters draws on the inspiration of the beauty around her in Northern Michigan, whether in a garden, forest, or along the shores for the Great Lakes. Her distinctive style adds a bit of whimsy to her watercolor paintings. 

Lindsay McCurley

Lindsay McCurley is a nurse with a passion for photography. She has worked in various countries where she enjoyed exploring the countryside with her camera. Her photographs showcase the beauty of this amazing world we live in.

Maeve Croghan

Maeve Croghan paints from a deep reverence for the environment. Her luminescent oil paintings are begun outside and finished in the studio from her memory and personal interpretation. 

Motawi Tileworks

The Motawi Tileworks team is "passionate about making great tile and spreading their positivity." Under the guidance of founder, Nawal Motawi, they create "designs that are true to their spirit and do not focus on what is trendy, popular or cliche." Their Charley Harper series features whimsical wildlife images that highlight midcentury modern style. Each piece is handcrafted in Ann Arbor, Mich.

Black Cat Pottery

Cheryl M. English of Black Cat Pottery revels in "investigating the potential of slab rollers, extruders and the wheel. Her interest in all things natural – and indigenous – is reflected in her unique designs." Each "Itty Bitty Box" and flower she creates is painstakingly hand assembled in stoneware and glazed in her Detroit studio.

Whistling Frog Tile

Whistling Frog Tile is a collaboration of two artists: Rick Pruckler and Tonya Lutz. "Their hands are on the work from start to finish," incorporating techniques learned while involved on tile projects in Detroit with Pewabic and Hubert Massey. "Each piece incorporates elements of nature, traditional technique, and beautiful contrast."


Libby Hopper-Trajkovski is the creative force behind Goldeluxe Jewelry. In her Detroit studio, she "uses traditional lost wax citing and metal smithing techniques to create handmade pieces intended for versatility and every day wear.  

Letters to Sarah

Letters to Sarah is a collaboration of two artists, Sarah and Brandon. Their handmade jewelry celebrates passion: from the places you've lived and loved, the the journeys to come, to the natural world that unites use. They hand fabricate each metal piece working with copper, sterling silver and gold.

Moon Chant

WLinda Lucas and Savannah Cass "share a love for crystals and the many benefits that come along with them." They teamed up to design handmade crystal stud earrings with surgical posts that everyone can wear.