A R T I S T S   &   M A K E R S

Jennifer Wohletz

Look for the dichotomy between nature and manmade structures in Jennifer's vivid photographs.

Natalia Wohletz

Check out how Natalia uses different lines and textures to create color gradations with a limited palette.

Lily Niederpruem

Lily was born and raised in Northern Michigan and attributes much of her creative inspirations to the adventures of her childhood growing up on a small island there. Her work explores concepts of the spiritual, the natural, and moments of their interaction. 

Barry Kluczyk

Barry Kluczyk has been photographing and writing about automobiles for nearly 30 years. His work has appeared on approximately 50 magazine covers and he has also authored four automotive books. 

AC Creatives

Launched in 2016 by Alek Cummings, AC Creatives is a graphic design company dedicated to creative innovative, high quality design work. Known for working with Youtubers such as Tanner Fox, TJ Hunt SmurfinWRX, and Dustin Williams, as well as automotive designs.

Denise Cassidy Wood

"The composition of my work represents the freedom that I seek. Like me, the flowers cannot be contained, boxed in or trapped. When my flowers 'fall' off of the canvas, I feel completely free."